Let’s talk about another “Sin” Cruz has committed during his Tenure in the Senate.

Voting Record #3: Confirmation of Loretta Lynch (Did Not Vote)

Cruz was ABSENT During the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, who is a disaster and wishes to persecute certain persons.


If you Don’t know Who Loretta Lynch is, Here’s some background info.LL2


A Liberal Marred In Controversy, you know the drill.

Here’s some more info, Courtesy of Freedomoutpost.com



Talk about a Liberal Background! Loretta Lynch LOVES the liberal Party. Hell, She may even like COMMUNISM and MARXISM.

Isn’t Ted Cruz FOR Freedom and AGAINST Communism? Why Did he miss the vote? Why did he not protect us from the ideologies that counter our values that once made us great?

Well, He offered one of the most BS excuses I have ever heard.


Doesn’t Cruz know about the term, “Silence is Consent”?

Ted Cruz virtually helped the nomination by neglecting the debate, which could have persuaded the vote to NO, for his own personal Campaign.

What a selfish piece of rotten Canadian Bacon!

Look at the result:

I highly Suggest you read them.




Is Loretta Lynch Another Eric Holder? Here’s What We Know About Her Troubling Past

This is what Ted Cruz has brought us, a SJW, Racist-touting, idiotic AG. Do you want someone who supports throwing away their own party in a crucial vote to focus on their own self?