First and foremost, I apologize for not posting a lot over the last 2 days. I have fallen ill and have taken some time to regain my energy through bed rest.

But anyway, I have some BIG news for those who haven’t heard.

Apparently, The Dc Madam SCOTUS request to release the Records of those involved in the Escort Service has been DENIED!

Now, It brings up one simple, but million-dollar question…


Who is on that list that the SCOTUS doesn’t want us to See?

Well, There’s one answer and one answer alone…


That’s Right. Ted Cruz, as if you don’t know already if you’ve read my blog in the past.

How do I know?

Remember Justice Roberts? The Guy that Ted wanted to the Supreme court?

This is probably a bone thrown by Roberts for Cruz due to his past support, even though Cruz KNEW he was a Liberal Turncoat.

Here are some positions Robert’s has taken.

Feel free to add some info.




If you want more proof:

Keep tossing the bones, John! You will run out soon!