Next, It’s time for a vote that Nearly cost the internet its freedom of speech and right to privacy.

Voting Record #2: Cyber-security Information Sharing Act

(Did Not Vote / Absent)


What exactly is CISA?

Well, Cisa is designed to be a Protection of the sharing of information and other items via internet connection. However, It actively disguises itself as a surveillance bill that will effectively sweep privacy on the internet into the hands of Government watchdogs.

Here’s A Brief Synopsis from on CISA:


Read the Bill HERE:

Here’s the Cloture Vote, Look at Cruz’s Vote:


Cruz Claims to be a very proactive supporter of privacy rights for the people and privacy on their information, being a vocal opponent to the Patriot Act.

What are Cruz’s positions on Privacy?

He refused to Revive NSA Spying post- San Bernadino

From The Guardian

Cruz seems to not be in favor of ANY Metadata program that would jeopardize American Privacy.


He also supported the FREEDOM Act:


But on Closer inspection, It’s a smaller version of the Patriot act. It definitely slashes the degree of monitoring calls and the metadata program, but it is still there.

Don’t Believe me, Read some key points of the Bill:


Even though your SPECIFIC Calls aren’t recorded, your number is still tracked and seen by the FBI. It makes it more legal, but It still doesn’t feel right that your number is tracked from every call. FISA Also allows for indefinite possession of a call detail record.

Senators Sessions, Rubio and Paul all voted against this bill, as it was seen as a copy and paste of the Patriot Act.

The Reason?

It doesn’t follow the constitutions order of due process or probable cause. These FISA Courts allow data to be taken and held indefinitely for any reason without due process or any reasonable cause.

Just only when they feel like it.

Back to CISA.

CISA is a dangerous bill that threatens privacy online and lets government intrude on your personal business. With that, they can pick up your data and hold it indefinitely and use it against you without Due Process.

Worse, If any hacker were to infiltrate the systems, your data would be at risk, including Credit Card data, SSN, Addresses, and other sensible information.

Isn’t Cruz supposed to be against this kind of garbage?