Now, Take a look at something I found a week ago.

Look at this Donation from Cruz’s PAC, Keep the Promise I


And Here’s how much the spending was in that PAC:


The PAC had about $3.5 Million Left after these expenses.

The Donations went to Carly for America CMTE, which was Run by Sarah Isgur Flores.

Sarah Isgur Flores is a rising republican who worked for that Committee in 2015. She is also one of the alleged mistresses in the Cruz Sex Scandal.

It is believed that Flores had sex With Cruz for political endorsements, and paid Carly Hush Funds so that the story would not break should Carly turn against Cruz if she dropped out, with a potential VP run for Cruz later should he stay in the race as a thank you for the Half a Million.

Behold, This happens today:

In January, this statement was said by Fiorina:

Her Husband, Chad, has also donated to Cruz.


Why was there such a sudden change in Fiorina’s tone? What happened?