I wanted to make a post about this because it could lead to a very Significant Development, but still has lingering questions.

I want everyone to take a look at the highlighted # in this photo below.CfPi8wyUsAA-z3I.jpg large.jpg

Do you see it?

Now, You may be asking, Why is this number significant?

Let Me Explain why.

This number traces back to a Cell phone in the Houston area, around this particular location:

Blue represents likely area, Black represents other possible areas.

The Number leads to, or is dangerously close to a building in Downtown Houston known as the Emperson Building.

CfFxjr8UAAE0NK7.jpg large.jpg

Now, why is this significant? Well, there’s 2 offices that reside there that can be very helpful for my argument.

The first is the questionable one.

The Building houses Cruz’s Houston Senate offices:


And it also houses THIS:



The State Attorney General’s Offices in Houston.

Now, Keep in Mind that Cruz was the Solicitor General In 2005, So there’s no way his senate offices were there, but It’s a possibility that an associate of his, or himself, had a Cell phone that was used to contact the escort services.

Again, Cruz’s residence is In Houston, but his condo was not purchased until 2008.

And on another off-topic note, Cruz’s Ashley Madison was found under his Senate email. If it wasn’t Cruz, Who had access to his e-mail?

Back to the topic at hand.

One question remains. Why would a roaming number found on a Escort Service list link dangerously close to a Major building that houses the Attorney General offices?

Upon Further review, the number linked back to a gentleman named, “Marshall”. I could not find any sort of record that the person had this number beforehand or who this “Marshall” could possibly be.

On top of that, there is discrepancy about the type of number it is, between landline and Cellular.

It raises the possibility and theory, Could there have been another Cell phone Cruz Used?

Consider this. The Infamous Police Report about Heidi was Filed on August 22, 2005.


Read the Full report. It says that Heidi was a “Danger to Herself”, which means she may have been contemplating suicide. What caused her to go into such a state of mind? She may have found out something CATASTROPHIC.

Now, Back to the first photo, 2 Days later, the number called from Houston, Likely while Heidi was recovering. Besides, they did not live together at that time.

There are some questions that Remain:

Who had the Number?

Where exactly was the call made?

What happened to / Where exactly was Cruz before this date and time?

Why did the number call near a very busy and high profile area?

We may not know.



Google Maps

Austin PD