This is a big theory and I have to Discuss it with you, because It will open your eyes about Cruz.

Are you ready? Here we Go!

I’m going to give it to you right off the bat. No beating around the bush, No suspense, Nothing.

I believe that Cruz used the Dc Madam Escort Service as a Laundering Front for Bush’s 2000 and 2004 campaigns.

Why do I think this? Well, here’s my story.

I investigated Cruz’s LinkedIn page and found his experience. This is what was documented on his page:




Read some of these Descriptions.

Notice Anything? Well, It seems that Cruz has SEVERAL ties to the Bush family, especially George W. Bush. He had been the Brains of the justice campaign for Bush, working on his Domestic Policy Team as an advisor. He had also been on the 2000 Recount team in Florida, in which he helped assemble a legal team and pleadings to help Bush’s case.

2000 Recount Team, Cruz is at the Center

Not only was he Working on his campaign, He worked for his ADMINISTRATION. He worked first on the Department of Justice as Associate deputy to the Attorney General.

He then worked on the FTC in the office of policy planning before leaving for Solicitor General of Texas.

So, he was a VERY loyal Bush Worker between 1999-2003.

He still had connections to the Bush campaign after 2003, Due to his very respectable position in Texas and his impressive lawyer record.

Bush also received several donations from the following Industries:


And if I need to post it again, what was Cruz’s top Sectors? That’s right, eerily the same sectors! And the USPS is on here!


Here’s where the REAL Fun begins.

I have searched Every Possible DC Madam List I could gain access to, and some of the results stem from Texas. Cruz’s buddies or allies? We don’t know.

Here are a Couple:





I have more, But those will be released Later this Week. (Please DON’T harass these numbers. This is for educational purposes ONLY.)

Anyways, There are several Numbers that have called from Texas between 1999-2004, The time of the Bush Donations.

I also have a Copy of the DC Madam’s 147 affiliated Businesses that have called up the Escort Service between 2000 and 2006

Here’s The List:






While Scrubbing through the List of Donations to the Bush Administration, I have found that 70+ Businesses On this list, As well as individuals from the companies, Have donated to Bush, Cruz or Both.

They Include:


-Lockheed Martin





-Andersen Corp.


And Many other Inside and Outside companies and Groups.

Some of these companies have individual donations up to $2,000 per person or have very small donations in mass quantities!

It’s also very unusual for a Candidate to receive some sort of contributions from the inside. I wonder if there’s any missing Donations… Oh yeah!


What’s with the Gap in disclosures? Where’s the rest of the $12 Million in non-disclosed funds?

Here are some Donations from these groups Listed!:

These donations come from Major Corporations and Agencies loyal to Bush for the Funding they got!






There are Many others on File, but those will also be released Later.

It’s amazing to think that such huge companies have individuals calling for an escort service. Who knows if some of these people were called by someone soliciting donations?

I also Do Believe that Cruz May have used this Number for Personal Use between 1999-2003.

One Number listed Leads back to the Bush Transitional HQ in McLean, VA, where Cruz worked.


Many numbers are linked back to in and Around the DC area during this time, but It’s not clearly known where these numbers lead to…

That out of the Way, I am Nearly done, but I also received a possibly Critical Note from Mr. Montgomery Sibley, The Lawyer fighting to release the Black Book.


Who is that one Attorney General Client? Who was in the office? When was the Call made? We need to know!

Something Big is out there, Maybe it’s Cruz himself? Or an associate?

We’ll find out soon Enough.


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