Now, It’s time for the last but Definitely not least mistress on the list, who has had affairs with the Colorado GOP Members before.

Mistress #7: Julie Naye

This is going to Be Short, But It’s very interesting.

Who is Julie Naye?

Julie Naye is a Prominent and very vocal Republican Activist in the State of Colorado.

Here She is With Senator Cruz:


Naye is also a Mother of 4 and an Event Planner.

She was also a name that was mentioned in the Colorado GOP Sex Scandal.

What is the Colorado GOP Sex Scandal?

Well, In 2015, Colorado GOP Chair Steve House and Julie Naye admitted to having an affair while working for the Colorado GOP.

She was also accused of Blackmailing GOP Chair House about the affair, basically containing the affair and threatening House with besmirching his name.

There Were SEVERAL Text Messages exchanged between Julie and Steve, which were found in July and led to the Sex Scandal breaking open.

Find more info about it here:

In Conclusion, Naye seems like a perfect candidate for a Mistress with Cruz. Cruz has been very open and supportive of her actions and activism. It’s no secret that Naye is a sexual deviant, but it’s a secret IF Cruz and naye had any sexual encounters.