This is the 2nd to last mistress I have found so far. This mistress also has a very Rich and successful husband, but this story ends with a massive twist.

Mistress #6: Holly Coburn

Holly Coburn was an Executive at Surge Ventures, Which was a Oil Investment Firm, Like RedMan Management.

I’ll talk about their business later in this post.

Here’s Some donations from Kirk and Holly.



In total, the Donations surmount to $30K+! That’s a lot from two Individuals who worked at a very successful Startup Company.

How Close is Surge Ventures to Cruz’s condo and Houston Offices? Well, Take a look at the diagram:


The Blue mark on the left represents their location.

Basically, The diagram shows, Is that Surge and Cruz’s Houston offices are virtually in the same neck of the woods.

Now, What is Surge Ventures?

Here’s a brief description of the company according to Its homepage!


It also Surrounds Itself in Many oil companies, especially big ones and Small ones that usually excavate, or are in any other form of energy in that sector.

Here Are some of them at this link:

There are also some other companies that help Surge Ventures.


This company was a Massive empire that had people on its advisory board from HUGE oil companies such as Shell, Exxon and SAUDI.

And if I need to remind you again, What is the bigger donor to Cruz’s Campaigns?



Research the Top 3 in this photo And see what comes up.

Now, here’s the strangest part.

This company was doing FINE when I first called them out for the possible links Financially. However, only a WEEK passed before THIS happened:


This letter was from Kirk, Holly’s husband and executive at Surge Ventures. I found it amusing yet very strange a massive corporation that was doing fine well before the Oil crunch just folds up, and even so with a fresh accusation!

It might have just been an unfortunate Coincidence that the Business closed up after the allegation due to the oil crunch, but the timing concerns me.

Could Cruz have contacted the Coburn’s for Donations, and Industry Support? Anything is possible at this moment in time…



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Dear John Letter to SURGE Community