We are halfway done talking about the 7 Mistresses I have found over the course of 3 weeks of Various research. Let’s move onto #5

Mistress #5: Linda A Floyd

This is another case of a Wife whose Husband is involved in a Houston Based oil Company and has donated quite a bit to Cruz’s Campaign.

Now, Linda Floyd is a Self-Employed Educational Consultant, In which the base national salary is around $60-80K. It’s not a big chunk out of Linda’s salary, but It is still a nice size from a salary like such.

Here are the Donations from Greg and Linda Floyd:



Quite a bit of money from an individual who works at a Oil Investment firm and a wife who is an Educational Consultant to a Major Candidate who claims he is an “Anti-Establishment”which includes Oil,Gas and Now State-run Education.

Linda is also not too far away from Cruz’s Condo in Houston and Cruz is not too far away from major venues and Redman Management.


Linda Floyd is Married to Greg Floyd, Who works for the following company:


And Here’s Lind’s Husband Greg’s position in the company.


You can see the amount of companies and experience Greg has in the Energy, especially the oil and gas industries.

He has also had some top priority positions when he worked at these companies. He can be a pretty strong worker and most of these companies have grown since Greg has worked there.

Now, Redman Is a private investment firm that specializes in Energy companies through capital from the company to new Oil Companies or failing companies that need a boost.

Basically, A Private Capital Firm that gives money to companies it will invest in if they see an opportunity for the Client and the company in general to grow.

Why is this important? Well, Let me reiterate an Image I posted last night.


You can see the $1.5 Million dollars from Energy and Natural Resources and the included 1 Million in Oil and Gas contributions to Cruz.

Anyways, Focusing back onto Linda and her profession.

Cruz has gotten a few hundred thousand Dollars from Education due to his Pro-Local/state,  Anti-common Core Stance.

Wanna know how much from Education? Here you go:


It’s very interesting to know that, considering the fact that Three of these mistresses I have named have worked or is currently working in some form of education.

No other Republican Candidate has raised that much from Education alone.

Think about it. Cruz has been seeking women who are in Education, which may be a coincidence, but their husbands work in Top Oil company / Lawyer / Investment Firm positions or the wives work in Education, especially Cristina Cox, mistress #3.

Could their be a pattern? We shall see soon.



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