Now, We go to a smaller, not as big Mistress, but has a BIG background that may be of use in this investigation.

Mistress #4: Caroline H. Paterson

Caroline H Paterson is also a homemaker who is a Wife to a Lawyer, Similar to Stephanie Coleman, but Her Husband has no direct link to Cruz.

It is important to note that he is a well-known lawyer for companies and works at a very prestigious Law firm.

Here Are Some Donations from Caroline and Her Husband:


Donations from Caroline and Thomas

Not much in donations, About $11.8K In donations from Her and Her Husband.

For a homemaker, That’s still a lot of money.

Again, ~$51,000, which is the avg. salary of a homemaker, according to is a small amount, So that $6,000 is more than 10% of her yearly income!

Paterson also lives in the same section of Houston as Mr. Cruz. Location is key in this type of investigation.

Look how close they are!


But that’s not all.

this Mistress’s Husband’s Background may be big to YOU and May be Interesting to hear.

Thomas W. Paterson is a Well-respected Lawyer at Susman Godfrey LLP, an award winning Law firm that fights for major companies with an office based in Houston, TX.

What does it specialize in?

Here is that answer:

Cases That S.G. Covers


There’s a LOT of Sectors that Cruz Gets his funding from, such as Energy, Financials and Class Action litigation.

Don’t Believe me?

Some of Cruz’s Contributors

Non-Establishment? Not so Much.

Cruz’s Campaign feeds off of certain industries, especially Finance, Energy and Lawyers.

But I’ll talk about that in a later blog post.

Why could Cruz be going after these folks?

Well, Paterson was a Judicial Clerk for Honorable Thomas Gibbs Gee from 1985 to 1986

He also has a lot of allocates and honors that makes him “special” in the Law field for Susman Godfrey.

Susman Godfrey Has been praised my multiple Law magazines and associations that they are one of the best Business law firms in America

Some Awards to Susman Godfrey

Also, Thomas Paterson has also been fighting FOR the Gas and Oil industry for over 30 YEARS, and has been very successful in doing so.

Paterson’s Linkedin

It seems Cruz wanted some extra donations from Lawyers and Oil companies, considering he takes a hefty load of greenbacks from them.

Earning this guy’s Endorsement and his money would have definitely been a huge plus for a candidate, which would set off a chain reaction, In which the companies her represented could have donated to Cruz, as he a lawyer as well that fights for businesses as part of his “Views”.

One Example is Enterprise:



Should this happen, Cruz or any candidate would get a boost in funding from these businesses represented by Susman Godfrey.

Looking at the Photo depicting Cruz’s sectors, I think this is the most likely theory.

But that’s a story for a different day.

If Cruz had a relationship with Caroline, She would have donated to Cruz and recommended Cruz to her Husband, which would also set up a Chain reaction as the one described above.

Definitely, There’s something rotten here, and It never smells good.



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