Now, It’s time to discuss the 3rd And One of the Bigger related Mistresses.

Mistress #3: Cristina Cox

This is a VERY interesting mistress and I think details will not only SHOCK you, but QUESTION the validity of Cruz’s “Evangelical” Views and his “Family Values” platform.

Cristina Cox is a Presbyterian School Teacher in Houston who has donated around $10-15K To Cruz’s senate and Presidential Runs.

Huge amounts right? Well, Look at one of the Occupations that Cox has.



Cristina Cox was Employed by the National Cathedral School in 2011-2012. This school is a Very evangelical, right-wing school in Washington D.C.and is one of the prominent focal points for Evangelical endorsements.

Cox also lives close to Cruz’s Condo in Houston, in Which she lives close to Her Husband’s place of work, Apache Corp.


Also, Remember that the National Enquirer also mentioned that one of the mistresses was a Teacher. Cox Is a Teacher! Could she be it? Maybe.

Now why Is she so important in this investigation and Why do I think she is involved?

Well, the answer Lies in her Husband’s LinkedIn page.

Here’s what the page shows:




Notice anything Big? Well, Look at the bottom of the 2nd Picture. Stephen John Cox, Cox’s Husband, was A Law Clerk to Cruz in 2004. Not only that, He was with Baker Botts, who also donated significant money to Cruz between 2011-2016. He also works for the Massive Corporation, Apache. What is Apache? A Petroleum and Natural Gas exploration company in Texas.

What is Cruz’s big financier? Energy and Oil and Gas!

And when he was With Apache and in the FBI, What did he do with Cruz? Give Him Donations, which mainly equal Endorsements!



WOW, What a massive amount of Donations. ~$31K in donations? From a Gas and Oil Company? Not bad!

There are also quite a bit of donations from other employees at Apache Corp.

Now, Back to Cristina

Cristina May have met Cruz, If they had been married in 2004, When his husband worked for Cruz as a Law clerk.

Cristina May have been Used to Solicit Donations from her husband to give Cruz Money Power against his opponents in the Senate and President run.

Considering That Cruz may have had intercourse with a Teacher who is a very-evangelical teacher and has a Husband in Gas and Oil makes it clear. He wanted money and endorsements from the Evangelical Right.

A good Christian Doesn’t commit adultery for Money, He earns it out of good faith. Cox and Cruz are guilty of such a thing.


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