Now, I would like to talk to you about the Second out of about Seven Mistresses, and this one has even CLOSER ties to Cruz, But they’re not recent.

Mistress #2: Stephanie Coleman

I noticed that there was a hefty donation Made out to Cruz’s Senate campaign in the Amount of $5.2K From a Ms. Stephanie Ann Coleman, as well as to the Lee Cruz victory fund and Cruz’s Presidential Campaign.

She is A Self-employed Homemaker, who is the Widow of Greg Coleman, I’ll touch on who he is later.





Stephanie Coleman’s Donations

I apologize if the Pictures are small, You may have to right click, click view image to enlarge it.

Anyways, The Donations given to Cruz from a Self-employed homemaker are ASTOUNDING. The total of unique donations to Cruz from Coleman is around $5-10K Dollars! Pretty impressive.

Considering the fact Self-employed Homemakers make around $50,000 a year, according to, that’s a lot of money coming out of that pocket to pay a campaign, instead of bills or other fares.

But, there’s a side to the story you haven’t seen yet.

This is where Greg Coleman and Connections come in.

Greg Coleman was a well-known and well-liked Texas Lawyer and TX Solicitor General who died tragically in 2010, who was married To Stephanie Coleman.

He worked at the law firm Weil Gothsal’s Austin offices for the AG from 2001-2007, which had done deals with many Banks, energy corps, Etc.

Now, He was married to Stephanie Coleman at the time when he worked there, and Cruz was the Solicitor general between 2003-2008. Coleman was Solicitor general between 1999-2001

If I am correct, Cruz and Coleman must have been working together within the Same time period, in which he could have met Stephanie Coleman, and began to have any sort of relationship, due to Coleman’s possible connections with Cruz, considering the two had the same positions, Solicitor General and that Coleman was well respected in Law firms and had argued in several court cases pertaining to major corporations, a Cruz area that he LOVES to take money off of.

Anyway, back to Coleman.

Coleman Also has a Twitter page that has gone mainly SILENT after the sex scandal broke loose.



Stephanie has also donated to MANY conservatives in Texas, especially Cruz, and other right-wing committees.

She also resides in Cedar Park, just outside of Austin, and has been there for a good period of time.

If there was any sort of activity between the two, due to their high-priority positions and if this twitter is related to Coleman, there could be a lot of questions that will come about.

Stephanie Coleman is a strong possibility, but I won’t jump to conclusions.

Nevertheless, the Inside connection between Coleman and Cruz makes this mistress a definite “POSSIBLY.”