And Now, I am going to address the possible mistresses in the Cruz Sex Scandal That had been brewing since march.

Mistress #1: Tamara “Tammy” Kazda

While doing research on Whitepages, I found Cruz’s Condo in Houston, but I had noticed something peculiar while looking at that page.

Heidi Cruz was not immediately listed under that address, but a different woman was listed, Which is the name listed above.

I can verify this is Cruz’s address since His place of residence is in Houston, and He has a condo in the same location. His Senate offices are also located about 10 minutes away from this location.



(Cruz’s Condo)

Upon Further Investigation, I found out that the woman in question had donated Several Thousand Dollars to Cruz’s Senate and presidential Campaigns. $2.7K to the Presidential Campaign, and around $3.5-$7k Dollars to the Senate committee.





What is more disturbing Is that the employer Is Cruz’s wife, Heidi and that the Occupation is “Nanny”

If this Warrants anything, It shows that Tamara Kazda is Cruz’s Nanny for his young Daughters. This means that both of the two have very close ties with each other.

Even Though Kazda lives in Cedar Park, She is listed under that Whitepages page for some reason, indication she knows where Cruz’s condo is. This makes sense due to the fact of her employer and her occupation.

I also find It Very Peculiar that a Nanny would donate to a Client’s Campaign for no valid reason.

Her LinkedIn shows the following:



It is also possible the two met before Cruz moved back to Houston.

Could she be a Mistress? Could she have been Used for Political Contributions, Considering Cruz’s close ties? Based on the evidence, It is possible.


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